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Jasmine Waltz booted off Celebrity Big Brother in surprise eviction

Jasmine Waltz was chosen to be evicted after she lost a round of games in Purgatory.

Jasmine Waltz was unceremoniously booted off Celebrity Big Brother on Sunday night (15Jan17), as the house's Weekend From Hell drew to a close.

The 34-year-old model became the latest casualty of the reality TV show after being placed in "Hell" when she lost a round of games in Purgatory. Along with James Cosmo, Speidi (Spencer and Heidi Pratt), Coleen Nolan, Stacy Francis and Calum Best, the group had to compete against each other in a bid to save themselves and get back to the main house, aka the "Land of the Living". Each housemate in Hell was given two lives as they competed in a quiz about their housemates, and had to be the first to hit the buzzer and correctly answer the question to keep hold of these lives.

Anyone who answered correctly was allowed to take a life from a fellow housemate in Hell, until three of them had none left. After Stacy was first to buzz and got two questions right, she decided to take both of Jasmine's lives. Once she, Coleen and Calum returned to the main house, after all managing to hold on to their lives, they were told they would have to agree with their fellow housemates who should be sent home for good.

It was then up to Jasmine, James and Speidi to stand in front of doors in the garden, and take turns to open the door and find out what was behind it.

After Speidi opened their door and saw a brick wall behind it with the word "Saved" written on it, James and Jasmine did their doors together. When James saw he had a wall behind his, Jasmine was stunned to discover she had been chosen to exit the house.

She was then told to exit via a side door and has been in hiding near the Celebrity Big Brother compound since Sunday night.

The scenes were aired on Monday night's (16Jan17) show, and many viewers speculated that Jasmine's exit was part of a fake eviction. However, bosses then confirmed that host Emma Willis would be questioning Jasmine about her departure on Tuesday night's (17Jan17) programme.

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