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Jason: I play weird version of me

Jason Schwartzman has revealed he plays a "weird hybrid" version of himself in new comedy Bored To Death.

The Darjeeling Limited star plays fictional character Jonathan Ames, a failed writer moonlighting as a private detective in the HBO comedy, which also stars Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis, written by his friend, the real-life author Jonathan Ames.

Jason revealed: "I'm very open with Jonathan, he's one of my best friends and I think it's nice because some of the things that I'm thinking about or talking about actually end up in the show so it's become this weird hybrid of him, me and then this other guy.

"It's really a fulfilling experience because I do think I'm getting to do a lot of things that I'm interested in."

Ted and Zach play Jonathan's friends in the show, George and Ray.

Jason said: "Zach, like me, is a struggling artist. He is a comic book illustrator, he makes very little money, he lives with a woman who has two kids of her own and he just feels completely lost and stuck.

"To my right is Ted Danson who is very successful, he's the editor-in-chief of this huge magazine called Edition but beneath the success and beneath his money, he too is kind of lost and bored with life.

"Our series is about many things, it's about people trying to find themselves, it's about being in relationships, going in and out of love, being addicted to drugs.

"In the case of my character, it really is about a man who is trying to help people, becomes a private detective and gets sucked into the dark underbelly of New York city."

:: Bored To Death season 1 begins Monday 21 March on Sky Atlantic.


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