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Jay: Ritchie better for X Factor

Jay James has said he is fine with having lost his X Factor place to Stevi Ritchie because he thinks his fellow contestant is better for the show.

The ex-Navy Welshman was voted out of the ITV contest at the weekend when judges were split over who out of the pair should stay and the viewers' votes kept Stevi in the competition.

But Jay said he felt no bitterness towards Stevi, who is seen as the show's joke act for his out of tune singing and bizarre performances.

He said: "I think he's brilliant for the show and if I was at home, I would have been voting Stevi all the way because I think he's better for the show than me, I do believe that.

"I think I'm probably better off in the studio, making music, and then going out and expressing myself through performances than all the cameras and that sort of stuff, so no, I'm really good, and to leave to my best mate, I'm happy."

Jay added of first meeting Stevi: "I met Stevi for the first time at bootcamp, the first time we got on the X Factor stage I turned around and there was this lovely man with the saddest eyes ever, crying because he was so overwhelmed, so I gave him a big hug.

"Two hours later, I was just about to go and do the biggest thing in my career, perform in front of the X Factor judges, and for a minute and a half I saw Stevi Ritchie dancing like no one was watching, singing like no one was listening, having the time of his life, and for a minute and a half I forgot about everything.

"He provided me with that moment of escapism which as a performer you aim to give to people."

The X Factor continues on ITV on Saturday, when the theme will be Whitney Houston versus Elton John.


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