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Jayne Connery back in Big Brother house after wet sponge health scare

Big Brother housemate Jayne Connery was taken to hospital after being hit by a wet sponge.

Connery appeared to lose consciousness during a game in the swimming pool, where she was trying to balance on a floating bridge while housemates threw sponges at her.

After she toppled into the pool and floated with her eyes closed, the other contestants realised there was something wrong, with Hughie Maughan shouting: "She's knocked out!"

Paramedics quickly arrived and attended to Connery, who was coughing and spluttering by the poolside.

Former glamour model and journalist Connery was taken to hospital, with Big Brother informing the other contestants that she was "receiving expert medical attention off-site".

Jackson Blyton, who threw the sponge, confessed to Big Brother in the diary room: "I just literally knocked out a 49-year-old woman. With a sponge. I literally thought she was dead. Thought I had killed her."

For Thursday's shopping task, housemates were divided into three teams and challenged with building a bridge to support one team member.

The person on the bridge had to remain there for 90 seconds while the other two teams threw wet sponges and water balloons at them.

Before taking up her position on the bridge, Connery said: "Just hold on tight. My legs are jelly. Why are my legs jelly?"

Footage shows the sponge appear to hit her helmet, although she told medics: "Something hit me that just knocked me in my windpipe."

Later, Big Brother gave the contestants an update about Connery's condition and said she was "fine".

Five hours after the accident, Connery was back in the house, explaining in the diary room: "I'm feeling good now, Big Brother."

"The housemates' health and welfare is of paramount importance," a Channel 5 spokeswoman told the Press Association.

"Big Brother puts into place appropriate medical arrangements as required."


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