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Jedward to shave trademark quiffs?

Jedward have revealed a plan to raise millions for charity - by shaving off their trademark quiffs.

The 19-year-old Grimes twins, who are representing Ireland in the Eurovision song contest, claim they'd be happy to hack off their huge hair for a good cause.

John said: "I think we should do a massive campaign for charity. We'd raise like one or two million."

Edward added: "We could gather everyone up into Wembley and me and John could come out and it would be like death row or something and then we'd shave off all our hair. I've shaved my hair before for charity so, like, it's kinda crazy.

"But we don't even have to use our passports, you know. The only time is when we go to America because everyone always recognises us around the UK."

John is already starting to have doubts about losing his luscious locks.

He added: "I think I'd look out of proportion if I shaved my hair, we wouldn't be ourselves. It'd be like we'd had plastic surgery or something. You know how some people change their noses? Well, that'd be the same if we shaved our hair.

"Our fans love our hair. Our hair is like the Statue of Liberty or something, it represents freedom, equality, everything."

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