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Jedward wince at 'vajazzle'

Hyperactive twins Jedward had a brief encounter in the Big Brother house - as they danced in only a pair of skimpy pants.

The duo showed off their physiques in their tiny undies after housemate Amy Childs had given them a "vajazzle" as part of a challenge.

She had been tasked with decorating the intimate areas of each of her fellow Celebrity Big Brother stars in 90 minutes.

And the Grimes twins danced suggestively in front of a mirror as they admired Childs' handiwork at the tops of their thighs.

Earlier the procedure had drawn winces and shrieks of pain as she waxed the hair from sensitive areas.

"Ow, that's so sore," howled Edward Grimes as Childs ripped off the hair around his groin with a wax strip.

And he moaned that he did not want to "expose" himself during the procedure, as Childs reassured him: "I can't see your willy, don't worry."

"An experience I will always remember for the rest of my life," Edward said of his treatment.

Childs won a ten-minute spell with her beloved pet pug Prince in the diary room for successfully completing the task.


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