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Jeff Bridges: 'Fixing marriage problems makes me happy'

The buzz around his new film Hell or High Water won't keep him from focusing on family life.

Screen legend Jeff Bridges has grown closer to his wife after each bump in their marriage.

The 66-year-old actor has been married to wife Susan for nearly 40 years and the venerable couple shares three children together.

Bridges has managed to maintain a harmonious family life while juggling his Hollywood career, and he confesses his film success always takes second place to what is going on in his family life.

"I'm just crazy about the girl," he tells Rolling Stone of his wife. "If you're married, you gotta work on it. We've hit some bumps, but we didn't deal with them in a cynical way. Those bumps are great opportunities to get to know each other better. It's all about intimacy. That's the main high in life."

Jeff is currently receiving praise for his innovative new western, Hell or High Water, in which he plays a U.S. marshal who is a few days from retiring when he is forced to pursue a pair of bank robbers, played by Chris Pine and Ben Foster.

The crime drama has been dubbed the best movie of the summer by some of Hollywood's most elite critics, but despite his latest onscreen feat, Bridges accepts most film fans will forever associate him with his The Big Lebowski persona the Dude - and he doesn't mind at all.

"That would be great," he smiles in response to the suggestion of having the Dude referenced in his obituary. "I'm proud of that movie. God, it's a wonderful film."

Bridges' devotees certainly seem to think so, as the 1998 stoner film is mentioned to him daily during fan encounters.

"Just a couple of minutes ago I signed a couple of bowling pins for some people," he shares. "That's a normal thing. Somebody will hand me something and say, 'Draw a picture! Draw the Dude!' They're probably selling them on eBay or something."

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