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Jennifer Beals saved Taken castmate's life amid car fire

The actress kept her cool and stayed in character as she dragged castmate out of inferno.

Flashdance star Jennifer Beals risked her life when a fire stunt on the set of her new TV series Taken turned into a real blaze.

The actress was more than a little concerned about the scene and raised her concerns before cameras rolled, but she was told stuntmen had everything under control.

"There was an incident where a car actually caught on fire and I actually had to pull an actor out of a burning car," she tells WENN. "That was no joke. It was a mishap that happened.

"The car was only supposed to be on fire on the top. I asked, 'What happens on the inside of the car?' And they said, 'Nothing, there won't be anything on the inside of the car'. But when I went to pull this person out of the car (for the scene) the entire interior of the car burst into flames!

"The car was not supposed to go on fire like that. I had to genuinely reach in and get this person out as quickly as possible."

But Jennifer was proud of her actions as she saw a castmate in distress: "I did learn that my instinct is to help the other person," she adds. "I was very happy that I didn't just run away from the car! It was fine."

She even stayed in character throughout the drama and stuck to the script, before she let rip a series of expletives.

"The southside of Chicago came out of my mouth instantly at cut," she continues.

The TV revamp of Liam Neeson's film series will debut in America at the end of February (17). Clive Standen will take on the character Bryan Mills, who Neeson portrayed in three Taken movies.

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