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Jennifer Grey has back surgery

Jennifer Grey is recovering after undergoing back surgery for a ruptured disc.

The 50-year-old Dirty Dancing star managed to win Dancing With The Stars last month, but almost pulled out of the competition as she suffered the injury on the first night of show's two-night final.

Jennifer told People: "I'm still recovering at home. I have to rest a bit more, but I feel great - completely pain free."

Dr. Robert S. Bray Jr. removed "a huge fragment" from Jennifer's back during the operation at the D.I.S.C. Sports and Spine Centre in Marina del Rey, California.

He said the star "can go back to her family, pilates, dancing - just about anything she wants to do."

On the first night of the Dancing with the Stars final on November 21, Jennifer suffered pain in her lower back.

Dr Bray revealed by the next morning "she was in tears. She absolutely could not move. Pain was shooting down her leg."

A scan revealed the actress had a ruptured disc "greater than one centimetre", and Jennifer was treated with steroids for the pain.

Dr Bray revealed: "She felt better and asked if she could get to the show. She asked me, 'Is it safe? Am I going go damage myself?' I said, 'No, if you want to, you can try.' "

He added that for the average patient suffering a similar injury he would recommend "three to four days of bed rest, not dancing a waltz and a cha cha. But with Jennifer, when she sets her mind to something, there's no stopping her."


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