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Jenny fancies 'chubby bald' men


Jenny McCarthy says she goes for bald chubby men

Jenny McCarthy says she goes for bald chubby men

Jenny McCarthy says she goes for bald chubby men

Jenny McCarthy has admitted she goes for "chubby bald" men.

The comedian and presenter, who split from Jim Carrey last year, attended the opening of an exhibition of photography celebrating beauty in Los Angeles.

Asked to define beauty, she said: "Getting the cat calls in my 20s I thought that was the idea of beauty."

She went on: "Then, as I got older [and] dated different types of men, I had the hot ripped gorgeous young guys and then I had some chubby bald ones.

"I'm like 'I like the chubby bald one!' so growing up and learning the beauty is so within and not external has been huge."

The actress joined the likes of Halle Berry, Giselle Bundchen and Katie Holmes at the exhibition which explores 'how feminine beauty is defined, challenged and revered in modern society.'

She said: "When my son says 'I love you' I know through his eyes he doesn't see the wrinkles and zits, even on a bad day, he sees unconditional love so it makes me shine and feel like the brightest star in the sky."

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The 38-year-old says she's determined to teach son Evan what true beauty means.

"I had to teach my boy to respect women from the inside but also have the girl respect him from the inside because girls are just as guilty for dating a guy for his money as guys are guilty of dating a girl because she's hot.

"It's up to the parents to groom and brainwash our children into teaching them beauty from the inside," she said.

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