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Jensen: I 'slept' with Ted Danson

Ashley Jensen likes to claim she 'slept' with Ted Danson after they met on an aeroplane.

The Ugly Betty star found herself in close proximity to the Cheers actor on a flight and despite her Hollywood success, the Scottish actress can't help being excited by her brushes with celebrities.

Ashley revealed: "When Ugly Betty moved from LA to New York, I had to commute. The night after the Emmys - because I'd travelled so often on Continental Airlines - the hostess said, 'Hey Ashley, you looked so beautiful last night. I was really sad you didn't win', and I could feel this man beside me looking over - it was Ted Danson."

She went on: "He said, 'Forgive me, who are you?' And Ted Danson and I shared a bit of breakfast, had a little sleep together, so sometimes I say, 'Yeah, I slept with Ted Danson'.

"It's little moments like that when you go, 'How did I get here?'"

Ashley swapped Los Angeles for Yorkshire for her new TV show, Accidental Farmer in which she plays Erin, a media darling who - when dumped by her boyfriend - ends up drunkenly buying a farm on his credit card.

She said: "We were right out in the Yorkshire Moors, it was absolutely beautiful.

"I don't know why but the weather was amazing, it was like the angels were shining on us. From the moment we got there the sun was glorious, then when they said, 'That's a wrap' the heavens opened and it started pouring."

Accidental Farmer is on BBC One on Tuesday, December 21.


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