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Jensen keen to work on British TV

Ashley Jensen says she'd love to return to work on British television.

The Extras actress, who has been living in LA since enjoying success on Ugly Betty in the States, says she's ready to come home for a while.

"It would be nice to come back and work in Britain for a little bit of time," the Scottish star confessed at Bafta LA's swanky celeb tea party in Beverly Hills.

Ashley recently made a brief trip back to the UK to film a comedy pilot for the BBC set in Yorkshire. In it, she plays a high-powered ad exec who takes revenge on her cheating boyfriend by buying things with his credit card - including a run-down farm.

"It's called Accidental Farmer - we had such fun doing it so fingers crossed, we're waiting to hear if it's going to get picked up," she explained.

Ashley brought her 10-month-old son Frankie back to Britain to watch what mum does.

"It's been great to have a bit of time to spend with him. He came over with me when I did a pilot, Frankie came with me and he was a little set-baby," she revealed.

But the actress isn't planning to have another child just yet.

"It's hard enough just being a mum, then being a working actress mum is quite difficult," she said. "We're quite happy the way we are, it took its toll on my body. I take my hat off to people that can have four or three babies under five years old, it's a lot to contend with!" she laughed.


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