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Jeremy Clarkson takes the train

Jeremy Clarkson was impressed by the speed, but not by the ticket price, as the Top Gear presenter took a rare train ride.

The fast car lover was joined by Top Gear co-presenter James May on his trip to the North of England, and kept his Twitter followers updated on his journey by rail.

Jeremy, 54, appeared confused by public transport as he posted a picture of James sitting in the carriage and wrote: "Is this the real world?"

The TV host first posted a picture of the price of his return ticket - which was £379 and joked: "I think I've just bought the whole train."

A later photograph revealed he was sitting in the first class carriage.

Jeremy was more impressed by how fast the train went, calling it "supersonic" and tweeting: "This train is amazing. It's the future. I'm already 90 miles from London."

He later got confused when his train reversed back out of Leeds station the same way it had come in.

He exclaimed: "The train is going backwards. S***. I think I'm on the wrong bit of it. It's going back to London. Seriously, it went into Leeds forwards. There was an announcement. I didn't listen. And now my bit of the train is heading south again.

"When I bought my ticket, I expected to spend a day or two in The North. Not just bounce off it."

And overall, it seems Jeremy is not converted to train travel.

He concluded: "We are now reversing into my destination. Slower than a car, and a lot more expensive. And you can't smoke. Not sure trains work."


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