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Jeremy Kyle spray attack to air

Viewers will see the moment presenter Jeremy Kyle was subjected to a pepper spray attack on TV tonight as part of an investigation into boozing at holiday resort Magaluf.

The daytime confessional show host had visited the location to look at the impact of heavy drinking on young holidaymakers, but found himself coughing and with tears streaming down his face after being hit with the debilitating spray.

The incident, which then saw him bundled into a vehicle for his safety by minders, features in tonight's edition of his series The Kyle Files on ITV at 7.30pm.

The attack, which resulted in no injuries, took place last summer when he headed out to the island at a time when the Magaluf drinking culture had come under the spotlight.

Speaking to his cameraman straight after the incident, he says: "Walking down the street I think somebody sprayed pepper spray - it's serious.

"Throat, eyes, coughing.

"We came here to talk about a drinking culture - lots of kids seemingly having fun.

"You get pepper spray sprayed in your face, just walking down the street.

"Okay, is that the camera?

"Is that because we're trying to find out what it's really like or does that happen every night if you get into an argument?"

He also talked to emergency services in the UK who have to deal with the aftermath of wild nights out at home.


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