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Jeremy McConnell pleads with ex Stephanie Davis for a paternity test

Stephanie has always maintained that Jeremy is the father of her son, Caben-Albi, who was born last month (Jan17).

Jeremy McConnell has pleaded with ex Stephanie Davis to allow him to take a paternity test to determine whether he's the father of her baby.

The 26-year-old met former Hollyoaks star Stephanie on Celebrity Big Brother last year (16) and the pair embarked on a whirlwind romance. Their on-off relationship continued outside of the house, until they split in April (16), with Stephanie finding out she was pregnant just weeks afterwards.

She has always maintained that Jeremy is the father of her son, Caben-Albi, who was born last month (Jan17), but the Irish model claims Stephanie is refusing to let him officially determine if that's the case.

“I do believe I am the father. I want the baby to be mine, I can see a resemblance," he told The Sun newspaper, speaking publicly for the first time in nine months.

“I never said the baby wasn’t mine, all I said was that there was a doubt because she was with other men in the first two weeks of April. Before we went to Cape Verde, we were broken up for two weeks - and I have no idea who she was sleeping with then.”

Despite the bitter end to their relationship, Stephanie still called Jeremy when she found out she was expecting. Jeremy didn't go and see Stephanie immediately after the news, which he admits he now regrets.

"I was delighted. I was buzzing. I told her I loved her and I would be there for her," he said of the moment Stephanie told him about the pregnancy. "My initial reaction was to go straight to her… but I didn’t. Maybe I regret it a little now, but I know I’ve done the right thing.

"Things were so bad between us that going back to her could have been harmful for her and the baby. I loved her so much, I didn’t want to take that risk."

Since Caben-Albi's birth, Stephanie has posed with the newborn for a shoot in OK! magazine, as well as flaunting her tot on social media. And Jeremy added to The Sun that he doesn't approve of her using the baby for publicity.

“She’s getting a TV show out of it, she’s taking the baby on a free holiday, she’s got her OK! deals, her magazine spreads… I just think it’s horrible parading him around," he said. "The baby has only just come out of the womb and already she’s saying on a video that he’s already had his first modelling shoot? I would not be in to it. It’s just money making."

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