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Jeremy Paxman bemoans lack of satire on TV

By Sherna Noah

Jeremy Paxman has lamented the dearth of political satire on the small screen.

The former Newsnight host (64) said that people despaired of the political process and had contempt for politicians.

The broadcaster, who has been treading the boards at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, said that humour was "part of the answer".

"It is almost impossible to exaggerate the public's contempt for politicians," he told Radio Times.

Paxman asked: "Where is the Spitting Image of today? The David Owen/David Steel puppets during the time of the Liberal-SDP Alliance were funny enough. Imagine the sport the show could have with Cameron and Clegg," he said. "But I don't care whether it's puppets or cartoons or real people. Just give us some decent satire."

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