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Jeremy Piven: I'm viciously boring

Jeremy Piven has confessed he is boring.

The 48-year-old actor told Mr he is nothing like the flamboyant characters he plays, such as Hollywood agent Ari Gold in Entourage and ambitious businessman Mr Selfridge.

Jeremy confessed: "The reality is that I couldn't be further from Ari Gold. He is a Hollywood shark whose focus is money. I'm a stage actor from Chicago. Jeremy Piven would bore Ari Gold to tears. I have done 20 years of yoga with meditation. I'm viciously boring."

He added: "As you can see I am on a totally different wavelength to these characters. It's people like you that stop me from getting different types of roles in Hollywood. You assume that because I am able to tap into the authenticity of a character, that is my sweet spot.

"But once you play a role that has massive speeches and your characters are verbal stunt pilots, then you're suddenly that go-to guy. The irony is that the things closest to me I haven't even played yet."

But one thing the actor does share with My Selfridge and Ari Gold is his appreciation for style.

He said of dressing in the UK: "I feel comfortable here because men are free to experiment. In the States they assume you're being pretentious or trying to draw attention to yourself when you are just having fun with clothes."


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