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Jesse: Takeaways a nightmare for me

Jesse Eisenberg has confessed that although he plays a pizza delivery guy in his latest film, in real life ordering a takeaway is "a nightmare" for him.

The Social Network actor stars in 30 Minutes Or Less, in which he plays loner Nick, who finds himself strapped to a bomb and forced to rob a bank.

Having made a career out of playing bumbling, rather neurotic blokes, Jesse isn't afraid to admit he's not especially savvy when it comes to social skills.

He revealed just ordering a takeaway would make him feel uncomfortable, and said: "I'm mortified when it comes to new interaction, especially one inside my house.

"In this movie, the character is lazy, lives a boring life and has developed a sense of righteousness and bitterness.

"I have all of those things in me, so I tried to emphasise them. Any time you play a role, you have to find similarities and emphasise those qualities."

At one point in the film, Nick makes a reference to Facebook, but Jesse stressed it wasn't supposed to be a jokey nod to his performance in The Social Network, for which he received an Oscar nod.

"I just thought that was something my character would say. He lives a very isolated life. He's a pizza guy, so he spends most of his time alone in his car.

"He's the kind of guy who considers himself a rogue ascetic, instead of a guy with no friends, so he dismisses anything that would make him feel integrated into society - something like social networking."

:: 30 Minutes Or Less is released in cinemas on September 16.


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