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Jessica Biel loved surprise birthday party at her own restaurant

The actress is very proud of her Melrose Avenue diner, which caters for overworked mums and their kids.

Justin Timberlake wowed his wife Jessica Biel with a birthday bash at her new restaurant because it gave her the chance to enjoy the place as a customer.

The actress told her man she'd love to go anywhere but her diner, Au Fudge, when she turned 35 in March (17), but the singer had other plans.

"I walked in to this wild party with all my friends, and a DJ, and great food," she tells "I had no idea the surprise was coming.

"I actually told my husband, 'I do not want to come to Au Fudge for my birthday', because we had been at Au Fudge day in and day out leading up to the launch... but it was perfect. It was fantastic. It was seeing the restaurant in action, functioning. It was exciting to see, like, 'Oh, maybe, maybe this is actually going to work'."

Biel initially launched the place, which caters for busy mums and their young kids, last year (16), but it only had its official opening days after her 35th birthday, and she admits the restaurant has become something she's really proud of after realising she couldn't please every visitor all the time.

"This is a tough business...," Biel adds. "We have almost three different businesses under one roof, but it's working out.

"You cannot be everything for everybody, and I think we sort of got into that idea for a minute, like, 'Oh yeah, we could be for people with kids, people without kids, an older demographic, a younger demographic'. It was impossible, so we're focusing on what we do best."

And Jessica loves Au Fudge's food, especially the salads she helped create: "My go-to order would be the vegan Caesar," she beams. "It's got this great balance of flavours."

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