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Jessie J: I'm on the wagon now

Jessie J has revealed she swore off booze a year ago - but it hasn't ruined her social life because she doesn't have many mates.

The Wild singer told the Daily Mirror she had been teetotal for a year and was feeling the health benefits in her mind and body.

She said: "I haven't had any alcohol for a year - October 15 last year was the last time I had a drink. It has made a difference. Honestly, I think when you live cleaner, your mind is cleaner.

"I've been working out with Nike loads and having protein shakes, making sure my diet's right and just being vocally prepared. This show (her current tour) is hard on my vocals."

But Jessie admitted she hadn't found sticking to soft drinks that difficult becayse she didn't go out that much anyway.

She said: "Not drinking hasn't been too tough on my social life and going out, as I don't have many friends. I mean that in a positive way. I have the friends I need and that's it. And they fit in my life."

The former Voice judge recently sacked her stylist and is now taking care of her own look, but said it wasn't a money-saving measure.

She said: "Styling myself hasn't saved me loads of money at all, because I don't get lent stuff any more. I have to buy it myself now. But I do get to keep it, which is great. For example, I used to hate it when I got to wear an amazing coat just the once.

"I feel like I look simpler now and that it's all about my voice."


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