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Jimmy Choo co-founder gets engaged

Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon has got engaged to Hollywood talent agent Michael Ovitz and says the couple will make New York their home.

The businesswoman, 47, who teamed up with shoe designer Jimmy Choo to found the fashion firm that bears his name, has been with Ovitz, 68, for four years.

She told Hello! Magazine: " In December, he surprised me with a beautiful ring. It wasn't entirely out of the blue because he kept saying, 'I've got something really important for you.' He first asked me to move in with him over a year ago, then I suppose he wanted to show his commitment."

The couple have bought a home in New York which she said was "a long-term project".

She said: "W e're going to knock the whole building down and start again.

"We're really excited to have a project to work on together.

"Michael is very supportive and a great sounding board. He is so honest and very straight up - you don't get anything wishy washy with him, although he's no good at small talk. His life is so varied - he's always meeting interesting people. I never know who might appear at the dinner table. Many people from all walks of life want to ask his advice and so they just come on over."

Mellon moved to Manhattan in 2009 to be close to her ex-husband Matthew who is the father of her daughter, Minty.

She said: " I've always felt very at home in America and love the beat of this city. We moved for very personal reasons - Minty was only seven years old and I wanted her to grow up with her father and his new kids and for her to know her extended family and cousins. Her father lives a few blocks down the road."

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