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Jo still recovering from treadmill

Jo Whiley has said her legs are still "not working properly" after her recent treadmill challenge.

The Radio 2 star spent 26 hours on a treadmill in March to raise money for Sport Relief, and admitted that she is still feeling the effects.

Asked if her legs have recovered, she admitted: "No. I'm seeing a physiotherapist because my legs are not working properly."

But she insisted the aches and pains haven't put her off further challenges, with a half marathon and a sprint triathlon among her future plans.

"It was the most fantastic experience, and we raised a lot of money as well," she said. "I love sporting endeavours, so I'm looking for the next thing to do - once I've got my legs working properly."

Despite her radio career and her physical challenges, Jo confessed she is "not ambitious".

She explained: "I just like life to be exciting, I like challenges and pushing myself. And it's sociable doing these challenges. My family have got involved and I've met lots of new people who are doing similar sorts of things, and you get a wonderful sense of community and solidarity when you're doing something like that."

And she said there is nothing in particular that she has a burning desire to do career-wise: "I'm so lucky to be where I am now that I don't have that desire - my only ambition is to still be on the radio in 20 years' time.

"We've just celebrated 20 years of Britpop with Steve Lamacq and it's been a lot of fun, and I'm doing the BBC's Glastonbury coverage. If I can still do that 20 years down the line in a John Peel style, I will have had a great life and a great career."

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