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Joan Collins applauds two 'great, wonderful' roles for women in her latest film

Dame Joan Collins has compared life to a "banquet", declaring: "You have to eat life or life will eat you."

The Dynasty star, 83, said not enough people take joy from life as she arrived at the premiere of her latest film.

She stars opposite Upstairs Downstairs actress Pauline Collins in The Time Of Their Lives, about two women who strike up an unlikely friendship.

A rriving at the Curzon Mayfair with her husband Percy, she said roles like that for women her age don't come along that often.

She told the Press Association: "This is what is missing for me. I like to go and see movies about real people, it doesn't matter if they are in their forties or nineties, I like to go and see a film about relationships and to me there haven't been that many and if there have been they have been rather gloomy so that is what attracted me to this script, which is really fun and comedic and sad as well."

She added: "The appeal behind the film was the script, which was wonderful, it has everything, comedy, tragedy, sadness and two stonking great, wonderful roles for women and that doesn't come around very often, particularly in Hollywood, so I was thrilled to do it."

The veteran star also said she feels she is having the time of her own life, saying: "I eat life, you have to eat life or life will eat you. I believe life is a banquet and so many people are not enjoying it as much as they could. That's what this film shows you, it's never too late."

Questioned how she maintains her youthful appearance, the veteran star said: "Genetically I was very lucky. My father, who lived to be 86, looked amazing and I do take care of myself.

"I think if god gave you certain attributes it's up to you to keep them, to moisturise, eat right, exercise."

Her co-star Pauline said she was thrilled to unveil the movie on International Women's Day saying: "It's wonderful, it's perfect, it couldn't be better and it's a really good omen."

The Time Of Their Lives is released in UK cinemas on Friday.


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