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Joan Collins: I'm not a granny

Joan Collins has revealed she doesn't consider herself to be a grandmother - despite having three grandchildren.

The 80-year-old actress is famed for her glamour, and doesn't see herself as the stereotypical "granny".

Joan said: "I enjoy my grandchildren, but do I enjoy being a grandmother? What does that mean? Sitting around making woollen hats for them?

"I think there's far too much emphasis on age these days. It's becoming ludicrous - everyone's obsessed with everybody else. I don't think one should be defined by age. There are people of 50 who look like crones and people of 70 who look brilliant."

As well as the release of her new autobiography Passion For Life, the Dynasty star has a string of jobs in the pipeline, including two films, a cameo in TV series Benidorm and a novel. And she said she doesn't see herself ever slowing down.

"I don't think I'll ever do that. I'd be bored stiff. I can't think of anything more horrendous than getting up and the only thing I have to look forward to is watching TV. No, I'll always be doing something.

"You know what they say: 'You've got to eat life, or life will eat you'."

:: Passion For Life is published by Constable, priced £25. Available now.


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