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Joan Collins misses live TV interview after getting stuck in London traffic

Joan Collins was forced to chat to U.K. TV presenter Christine Lampard on the phone after the London traffic prevented her from making it into the studios.

Joan Collins missed a live television interview on Thursday (09Mar17) due to "hideous" London traffic.

The 83-year-old acting legend had been due to appear on British morning show Lorraine to promote her new movie The Time of Their Lives. However, the two-mile journey from her house to the television studios took Joan over an hour - meaning she was late for her 9.10am interview and had to chat with stand-in host Christine Lampard on the phone.

First revealing Joan's late running at 9.12am, with Lorraine airing until 9.25am, Christine told viewers: "Now I've been promising you Dame Joan Collins all morning and I'm beyond excited about meeting her. However, she is stuck in hideous traffic - somewhere very close to the studio - we've been told she is nearby so we are going to give her a few minutes to hopefully make it in time."

Joan also revealed her traffic issue on her Twitter page, writing: "Stuck in terrible traffic trying to get to @ITV Lorraine, Green lights only on for six seconds absolutely ridiculous."

Filling by playing a fashion clip, the camera then returned to Christine in the studio, with the presenter explaining: "Now we're hopefully catching up with Dame Joan Collins in just a minute - she's stuck in hideous traffic and is trying her very best to make it on time. If not I'm going to get her on the phone - I'm not leaving without talking to that lady today."

After filling some more, Christine finally gave up on the star making it to the studio so went for a phone interview, with the former Dynasty star explaining: "The traffic is unbelievable. It's two miles and I've been in the car for one hour and 10 minutes, so I'm so sorry - I was really looking forward to seeing you."

As she chatted to Christine, talking about her new film role, Joan suddenly exclaimed at 9.20am that her car had finally made it to the studios, telling the host: "The car has just arrived, Christine, I'm going to stand outside and talk to you now!"

Speaking about her part in The Time of Their Lives, Joan explained that it's a drastic change from her former roles.

"I think it's a different kind of a role because people haven't seen me destitute, broke, with no friends and no family - absolutely dejected and living in a retirement home, and really, at the end of her tether," she said. "She has nothing in her life, nothing to look forward to."

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