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Joe Jonas left behind by tour bus after drunken night

Joe Jonas and his bandmate Cole Whittle were left stranded in Canada when they failed to return to their tour bus after partying.

Joe Jonas was left behind by his tour bus after a drunken night with a cheerleading squad.

Joe and his DNCE bandmate Cole Whittle decided to let their hair down after the group played in Toronto, Canada.

However the pair partied so hard with their new cheerleader friends that they were left stranded when their tour bus took off without them.

“Me and Cole have had a pretty crazy night one or two times where we stayed up all night,” the Cake By The Ocean singer told #legend magazine. “Once we were in Toronto, partying and hanging out with a cheerleading squad, and we got left behind by our tour bus, which was pretty amazing. So, five in the morning, the tour bus just took off without us.”

The boys were then left waiting in the cold on a December morning and had to phone their driver to tell him they were not on the bus.

“We were literally at the border back to the United States,” the 26-year-old explained. “We were just sitting on the street in the freezing cold in the middle of December waiting. We called the bus driver and he was like, ‘What do you mean? I already left. You weren’t there on time.”

The bus was so far on the road out of Toronto that it took more than an hour to return, but despite the perishing temperatures, Joe and Cole managed to amuse themselves while waiting.

“The bus eventually came back for us, but it took about an hour. We were drunk and happy enough to just hang out and Cole kept pointing at the CN Tower and calling it the space noodle,” he laughed.

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