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Joe Thomas talks Hannah romance

The Inbetweeners star Joe Thomas has stressed that his relationship with girlfriend Hannah Tointon is nothing like that of their disaster-prone sitcom characters.

In the show, Simon and Tara's brief romance was littered with embarrassing moments, including a scene where she threw up in his face and a cringe-worthy attempt at having sex.

After confirming rumours that the pair are dating in real life, Joe joked: "I can't really see how those scenes kindled romance because they were all her being sick into my mouth... but I'm really into that so obviously it was fine!

"It's quite an intense thing being on set, so maybe that contributes, but we're not basing our relationship on the relationship of Simon and Tara in the show."

Asked how things are going between the couple, Joe enthused: "She's lovely and amazing. I think she's incredible."


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