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John James tells of love for Josie

The on-off romance of Big Brother housemates John James and Josie appeared to be on again after the Australian was evicted from the house.

John James joined injured soldier Steve, Corin and Sam Pepper in being given the boot, leaving five housemates to battle it out in this year's final.

Dave joins Josie, Andrew, Mario and JJ in Tuesday's 11th series showdown, with country girl Josie favourite to win the series according to bookies.

The romance between John James and Josie has been one of the main features of the series, and the Australian said after leaving: "She expressed feelings for me a lot earlier than I did. I never went in there with intentions of forming a relationship in the house, because of that environment.

"You never know if they are true feelings or if they are false feelings, and you never know until you get out.

"I do love her, there's no doubt about that. I just have to wait until she gets out, and see what happens, really."

Meanwhile Josie wept in the garden after John James' departure.

JJ put an arm around her to console her and told her John James would be waiting for her when she left the house.

"Yeah, I know that, never in my life have I had anyone that cared like that," she said. "Now he's gone, I realise how much I do really, really love him."

After the final, the winner will re-enter the house for a further two weeks, to compete against well-known names from past series of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother, in Ultimate Big Brother.


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