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John Lewis' 2016 Christmas advert swaps tears for laughter

Department store John Lewis' Christmas adverts have become synonymous with tears due to their heartbreaking plots.

John Lewis have finally revealed their long-awaited Christmas advert.

The department store's festive adverts have become synonymous with tears due to their heartbreaking plots. But this year (16), the campaign has an entirely different feel, with an upbeat tale designed to make viewers laugh instead of cry.

The advert tells the story of a young girl called Bridget, who loves to jump. For Christmas, her parents buy her a trampoline, and her dad spends Christmas Eve building the toy before it gets dark.

As night falls, Bridget's parents sit and watch the television while her dog Buster looks out the window and sees a wide array of animals - two foxes, a badger, a squirrel and a hedgehog - make their way to the trampoline to surreptitiously test it out.

Christmas morning arrives and Bridget runs down the stairs and out into the garden to see her present. As she gears herself up to bounce on the trampoline, Buster runs out in front of her and delightedly jumps onto the trampoline - beating his young owner to the punch.

While animals take centre stage in the commercial, John Lewis has also cast a black family for the first time, including six-year-old child actor Summer, from London, who plays Bridget. Buster is played by a five-year-old Boxer called Biff.

According to reports, John Lewis spent £1 million on the advert for this year's festive season, which is set to a new version of American singer Randy Crawford's 1980 hit One Day I'll Fly Away sung by Blythe Pepino of electronic band the Vaults.

The department store chain told Daily Mail Online they had decided to go for a lighthearted advert because 2016 has been a "tough" year for Britain. They also acknowledged that last year's advert, Man On The Moon, was "a bit sad".

The 2015 advert told the story of a lonely old man who lived on the moon. When young girl Lily used her telescope to look to the planet, she spotted its lone resident and decided to send him a Christmas gift.

The advert, accompanied by a cover of Oasis' Half the World Away, then showed the man delightedly receiving the present.

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