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John Mayer hails 'gifted' birthday boy Kanye West

The singer realised how talented his friend was after hearing Gold Digger for the first time.

Rocker John Mayer has hailed Kanye West as "one of the most gifted people" he has ever known in a touching 40th birthday message online.

The singer took to Instagram on Thursday (08Jun17) to share the note with fans, and in the lengthy post, he recounted the moment Kanye completed writing his smash hit Gold Digger.

Alongside an old photo of the pair, taken in the mid 2000s, Mayer recalled finding himself sharing a recording studio with the hip-hop star, who was working on the follow-up to his 2004 debut album The College Dropout, and being blown away by his raw talent.

"Wishing a Happy 40th to Kanye, one of the most gifted people I have ever known," Mayer began the post.

"Here's a story I'd like to share: Years ago, while we were both in the studio together, he stood in front of me and performed a song he had just finished writing," he continued. "He rapped the whole thing while playing the instrumental track on a laptop he had clutched in his arm... He knew he had one (a hit), in an ongoing streak of tracks that got better with each one he finished.

"I remember taking in both how incredible the track was, and how big a force he was. A guy and some laptop speakers hitting you like a laser beam. The track was Gold Digger."

Mayer goes on to compare the way Kanye uses his "gift" to comic book character Peter Parker and his superhero alter ego Spider-Man, when the youngster first discovers his ability to shoot webs.

"It's exciting and intoxicating AND YAH (sic), maybe there would be some extra webs around stuff that didn't need it. You'd do it too," John added.

He then concludes the message by encouraging fans to join him in saluting Kanye, stating, "In a time where we tend to celebrate the birthdays of those who are no longer with us, I say LONG LIVE KANYE WEST. CARRY ON, SIR."

Mayer ended the note with an emoji of a person with their hands clasped in prayer.

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