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John Travolta: 'First responders are special to me'

John Travolta's experience with first responders means he'll do his utmost to help people understand how vital their work is.

In his latest film, Life on the Line, the 61-year-old star plays one of a team of people tasked with climbing high wires when storms mean the electricity grid fails. When talking about why he chose the part, John appeared to refer to the death of his son Jett in 2009. Jett passed away after suffering a seizure at the age of 16 while the family were on holiday in the Bahamas, with John hinting at the huge impact those who were first on the scene had on him.

"I've got a soft spot for first responders, since they've been a part of my life," he said following a screening of the movie at the Napa Valley Film Festival, according to USA Today. "I'm hoping this movie has an impact. I compare it to Ladder 49 (where he played a firefighter), only this time it's about linemen, the guys who risk their lives to get the power back."

The producers of the film spoke of their astonishment at the lengths the actor went to on set, admitting seeing him scurrying around at the top of high poles was mind-blowing. Producer Marvin Peart was particularly astounded, especially as John didn't exude the sort of attitude many of his stature do.

"It's less, 'Hey I'm a star,' and more, 'Put me in Coach, let me show you what I can do,'" he explained.

John added: "The glory of being an actor is getting to experience different aspects of life. And to a small degree, we became linemen."

The actor opened up about what's next for him too, explaining he hopefully has a gangster movie in the pipeline. It was first reported that he was gearing up to star as mobster John Gotti in a biopic of the late legendary mafia boss in 2011, but there hasn't been much reported on it since. The double Oscar-nominee hinted it's still going ahead and seems to be excited about it.

"I may play John Gotti Sr.," he said. "It would look at him from the point of view of his son, John Jr. How he might view his father, this guy who would drop them off at school and then go off and do all these terrible things. It could be interesting."

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