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Johnny Harris happy he had to wait

Johnny Harris is pleased that his success came relatively late.

The actor, 37, known for his bad boy roles, has notched up credits in This Is England '86, and in the film London To Brighton, and has recently filmed a six-part supernatural TV drama, The Fades.

"If I'd been given this a few years back, I would have exploded. I was running a bit wild," he said.

"Sometimes you get what you need, not what you want."

The Lambeth-born actor left school at 13 with no qualifications, trained to be a boxer, then headed off to Paris to live by himself while still a teenager.

He decided to be an actor while watching the film A Clockwork Orange in a smoky art-house cinema in Paris.

Some stage productions and short films later Johnny was offered the part in London To Brighton. Since then, the offers to play gritty outsiders have come in steadily, including a role in Ben Miller's directorial debut Huge.

Johnny revealed that he aspires to have a similar career to Daniel Day Lewis.

He said: "He can ask for six months to develop physically into a character. That's ideal, but it doesn't work like that for most other people. I've done films where I've had no time to prepare. You have to use what you're given."

:: The Fades begins on BBC Three on Wednesday, September 21.


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