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Jonas: I predicted X Factor evictee

Joe Jonas reckons he has the X Factor when it comes to predicting the show's losers.

The 22-year-old singer correctly predicted the outcome on one of the shows following his appearance on The Xtra Factor on October 8, and insisted he is now a fan.

"I got to watch the show for the first time in the studio and the ones who go kicked off were the ones who I thought were going to be kicked off except for one person. I felt pretty proud of myself for knowing my stuff!" he said.

"I definitely want to keep up with the series; I'm really interested to see who wins," he added.

Joe, whose solo debut album Fastlife is out now, made a mistake in calling Janet Devlin 'Lucy'.

"It was a little bit interesting as it was the first time I was learning about the programme, I didn't want to necessarily mess up any of the names - I definitely ended up messing up someone's name! I said Lucy instead of Janet so that was a little bit of a funny moment but I think they understood that it would have been out of the norm for me to know everybody."

He's also a fan of One Direction.

"I'm really liking One Direction's stuff. I think they're doing a great job and their stuff sounds really great so I can definitely see myself checking out more of their music. I got to meet the guys and thought they were really cool," he added.


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