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Jonathan Dimbleby rapped over trail

Veteran broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby has been spoken to about a "serious breach" of editorial guidelines after he used a trail for his Any Questions? radio show to promote a charity set up in memory of his father.

The journalist, whose father Richard was a regular on the BBC until his death from cancer in 1965, interrupted his appearance on the Today programme to tell listeners he would be taking part in a charity walk and included details of how to donate money.

A report by the BBC Trust's editorial standards committee said Dimbleby's comments gave him " access to a very large audience - and that other charities did not have the opportunity to reach that audience".

It said the BBC executive " considered this was a serious breach of the editorial g uidelines" and added that: "T he director of e ditorial policy had written to Jonathan Dimbleby very shortly after the broadcast and the d irector, radio production, had also discussed it personally with the presenter."

Dimbleby had also been "reminded" of the guidelines covering conflicts of interest .


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