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Jordan: Missing out on 1D helped me

Jordan O'Keefe has said the disappointment of not getting into One Direction has spurred him on to success.

The Britain's Got Talent finalist revealed to The Sun he had been kicking himself about missing out on being part of the popular boy band.

Singer and guitarist Jordan was at the same X Factor audition as Niall Horan, but flopped out of the auditions while the One Direction star rose to fame.

He said: "We were stood next to each other and he was playing his guitar. I asked if I could borrow it to play something. We got chatting. He went on to find fame in One Direction and I went home and cried after not getting through. It was so hard.

"I kept seeing him when boot camp was on TV and told my mum that was the boy I'd met. When he got through to the final I was so happy for him but it was quite hard to watch and see him go on to so much success.

"He was much more confident and a bit more mature than me in that audition but it did make me think, if only I'd have got through, I could have ended up in the biggest boy band in the world."

But Jordan, 19, said he had used the setback to keep him going.

"It drove me on and made me try harder," he said. "It made me think if he can do it so can I. If I go on to have half his success then I will be so happy."

Niall, 19, tweeted Jordan after his first BGT audition where he sang One Direction's Little Things: "Jordan O'Keefe from bgt last night... first of all thanks for doin little things bro! That's a serious voice you've got on ya."

Jordan said: "I couldn't believe it when he tweeted me. I hope he remembers me."


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