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Jordan Peele: 'Racism is the real monster'

Jordan Peele hopes his new horror film Get Out will open up discussions about racism.

Comedy actor turned horror director Jordan Peele has described racism as an “American monster”.

The American star is most recognisable to fans as one half of Comedy Central double act Key & Peele, alongside comic partner Keegan-Michael Key.

He’s recently turned his back on comedy though, for the horror genre, penning and directing his debut film, Get Out. It tells the story of an African-American photographer (Daniel Kaluuya) who meets his white girlfriend’s (Allison Williams) parents during a creepy and mysterious weekend away.

While the film is filled with jump out of your seat moments for Jordan there’s nothing more frightening than racism.

"I look at racism as a monster," the actor/director told CNN. "It's an American monster, but it's also an innately human demon - and it's not a one-sided thing. Everyone has to deal with their own innate feelings of racism and outsmart the racism within ourselves."

Get Out, which marks Emmy Award-winning Jordan’s directorial debut, begins hitting theatres from Friday (24Feb17), and is already faring well from previews.

"I came up with this idea during the Obama administration, when we were living in this era of the post-racial lie," Jordan explained. "Racism is real and it's not really represented in the horror genre, which is a genre that traditionally takes on social horrors and human demons. But no matter how difficult it is Jordan is convinced it's important to discuss racism in order to movie forward.

"This movie is about starting us all off from a place of entertainment and fun and clapping and fear and laughter, to give us an entry point for more racial conversation that is maybe more positive."

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