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Josh Gad hates horses after Beauty & the Beast drama

The Frozen star's movie mare was a real handful on set.

Josh Gad has begged his agent never to send him scripts that require him to ride a horse after filming Beauty & the Beast with a right 'mare'.

Unlike his sidekick Luke Evans, who reteamed with the horse he had used in The Hobbit films, Gad had never been in the saddle before - and he hopes he'll never have to ride again.

"I learned a couple of great lessons on this movie, one of which is that Jews don't belong on horses - specifically overweight Jews," he tells WENN. "My horse was an anti-Semite!"

Josh reveals his horse, ironically called Buddy, never listened to commands and even walked backwards when he was supposed to go forwards.

"They told me my horse was trained for this movie, but I believe they found it in the wilds of England," he jokes. "Our first entrance, Luke and I are walking into the village on our horses and on 'action' all our horses need to do is walk side by side; it's so simple. Luke's horse does it. The two of them worked on The Hobbit together and had this incredible background. Mine is a cold-blooded killer! He preceded to moon walk, walking backwards.

"I didn't know it was possible but he ran through multiple extras, through pillars. I heard 'cut' and lots of laughing from the horse's trainer. He came up to me and said, 'I'm so sorry. I've never seen this happen before'. It made me feel so awful.

"Ironically my horse's name was Buddy. He was nobody's buddy. I told my agents to never send me a script with a horse in it!"

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