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Judge Rinder gets on board for Strictly's fake tan


Glamour: Robert Rinder

Glamour: Robert Rinder


Glamour: Robert Rinder

Judge Rinder has admitted he had his doubts about succumbing to the fake tan and sparkles of Strictly Come Dancing, but is now fully embracing the glitz and glamour.

The barrister - real name Robert Rinder - said he was initially concerned about how his colleagues in the legal field would view him if he adopted the Strictly style.

Rinder told Radio Times: "I had a slight reservation before I started the show about how my colleagues in the law would react to seeing me covered in fake tan and sequins - or, indeed, dressed as a Flintstone patting Oksana's bottom like a bongo - but Strictly's so well loved, I knew they'd view it in the spirit it's intended."

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