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Judy Murray's tribute to Dunblane


Judy Murray is loving her Strictly experience

Judy Murray is loving her Strictly experience

Judy Murray is loving her Strictly experience

Judy Murray has said she hopes her appearances on Strictly Come Dancing have brought "a bit of excitement" to Dunblane.

The tennis coach turned TV dance student said nobody would ever forget Thomas Hamilton's 1996 gun massacre but she felt the way her home town had recovered was "remarkable".

Hamilton killed 16 children and a teacher at Dunblane Primary School and injured many more. Judy's two tennis star sons, Jamie and Andy, were both pupils at the school at the time but were not injured.

"You never forget because we still live in the town but the way the town has recovered from that is quite remarkable," she told ITV chat show Loose Women.

"And the success that Jamie and Andy have had with their tennis has brought a lot of excitement to the town and now I'm bringing a bit of excitement to them as well.

"I think the whole of Dunblane is voting for me."

Viewer votes have kept Judy on Strictly despite repeatedly receiving a drubbing from the judges who have given her low scores.

"Every week I think I'm going, every week, because I'm always at the bottom two or three of the judges' comments," she said.

But the tennis coach, who has stayed in the show long enough to be able to dance in Blackpool next week, said she does not mind the judges' criticisms and is only competitive with herself.

"With Strictly I'm not competitive at all with anybody else. I just want to get a little bit better every week. I love the show so having the chance to be part of it, for me it's all fun and so I don't care what anybody throws at me. I'm just having a good time."

She said her younger son, Andy, finds it hard to listen to the judges' barbed comments.

"He knows the judges are going to be foul to me before they start so he turns the volume down," she said.

Andy lost his opening match at the ATP tour finals yesterday and his mum said: "It's never easy when they lose.

"I didn't manage to see him as we had the group rehearsals for Blackpool all day but I'm going to see him tomorrow night.

"He'll need to win his next two matches to go through and that will be difficult as it's the top eight players in the world."

Judy said she will be sad when her time comes to leave Strictly and will miss her dance partner Anton Du Beke.

"He's the best," she said. "We have had a great time. We have got a pretty similar sense of humour and we have been playing tennis together as well."

Asked if Anton was good at tennis, Judy replied: "No, and I'm delighted.

"I tell him when he hits his forehand he has to keep his right elbow up and, in the waltz, he tells me I have to keep my left elbow up.

"I'm really glad he's not very good because I can help him. He's loving it and I'm loving the dancing."