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Julia McKenzie's brolly good idea

Julia McKenzie has revealed how she refused to carry a parasol while filming A Caribbean Mystery, as it didn't suit Miss Marple.

Instead the actress carried an old-fashioned black umbrella to shelter her form the sun while filming on location in South Africa for the new ITV drama.

Julia told the TV Times: "The producers were going to give Marple a parasol but I said, 'She lives in a village and is British so she would take her black umbrella with her.'

"You see me with it in many scenes, including the ones we shot in the township of Khayelitsha.

"Filming there was an amazing experience; all the people who lived there were standing round watching, but they looked so used to it I'm sure people film there all the time."

Robert Webb, Hermione Norris, Warren Brown, MyAnna Buring and Alistair Mackenzie were among the cast of the new Agatha Christie adaptation.

Julia said: "We're very lucky, everybody seems to want to do a Marple. It is a fun thing to do.

"I was amazed that Sir Anthony Sher was playing Jason Rafiel (a wheelchair-bound tycoon who befriends Miss Marple).

"I took him for a drink when we first met and said, 'I feel awfully nervous about you coming because you're a posh actor!' But he was very sweet."


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