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Julian Barratt is 'satanic' on set

Julian Barratt revealed he took a devilish approach to directing his new short film.

The Mighty Boosh star has written and directed a short story about his teen years to be shown on Sky1, and makes a cameo in the "heavy metal story" as Satan.

Julian said: "I directed as Satan as well. I got a lot of respect on set because of the way I was dressed, so much so that from now on, I'm thinking of dressing up as Satan every time I direct, even if it's a romantic comedy."

Julian is one of 12 comedians who had written and directed short films for Sky's new Christmas series Little Crackers. Others taking part include Catherine Tate, Meera Syal, David Baddiel, Julia Davis and Stephen Fry.

But the 42-year-old comedian claims he still got in touch with his emotions, despite being satanic.

He said: "With Little Crackers I got to do something that has heart. It's about yourself and is sentimental and emotional, not just totally bonkers.

"Although I love doing the Boosh, I got to explore my emotional side with this."

Little Crackers begins on December 19 on Sky1 HD and will run over seven nights.


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