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Julianne Moore 'hated being blonde'

Julianne Moore has revealed she hated having to go blonde for a film role.

The famous redhead hit the bleach bottle for her role in Blindness, but told Easy Living that she didn't have more fun as a blonde.

She said: "It was a really weird feeling - as if I had a light on my head. I thought I'd enjoy being blonde but I didn't."

She went on: "The show took about four months to shoot and the minute we were done I changed it back to red again. It was difficult to get the red back, so for a long time it was peach and it was horrible."

But although she loves her red hair, Julianne admitted she doesn't like her freckles.

She said: "As a kid, I wanted dark hair and dark skin and not to be freckly. I still don't like being freckly. I wish my skin was fair and flawless, but when it comes to your skin you get what you get and you can't really be upset with it."

:: The full interview is in Easy Living, out now.


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