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Justin Bieber accused of attacking man at US hotel

Pop star Justin Bieber has been accused of repeatedly punching a man at a hotel, according to a police report.

Rodney Cannon claims he was attacked by Bieber and his bodyguards after a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball match on June 8.

A report filed with Cleveland Police in the US states that Mr Cannon, 34, had accused the 22-year-old singer of taking his sunglasses at the Western Hotel.

Bieber then allegedly became "angry" when Cannon started taking pictures of him before the alleged assault occurred, the report states.

It says: "(The alleged) victim stated he believed he was punched three times during the whole incident by Justin Bieber.

"(The alleged) victim also stated that he believes he was also punched by Justin Bieber's bodyguards a couple of times.

"(The alleged) victim stated that he took (Bieber) down to restrain him .... he believes that (Bieber's) bodyguard punched him while he was restraining (Bieber)."

Mr Cannon said he went to Spring Valley Hospital in Nevada following the incident with an "acute head injury and a possible concussion".

A Cleveland Police spokesman said no-one had been charged in connection with the incident, which was reported to the force on Tuesday.

Representatives for Bieber could not be reached.


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