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Justin Bieber posts picture of kiss with Hailey Baldwin to Instagram


Justin Bieber will be in Dublin on November 1, 2016.

Justin Bieber will be in Dublin on November 1, 2016.

Justin Bieber will be in Dublin on November 1, 2016.

Pop star Justin Bieber has validated reports he is dating model Hailey Baldwin by posting a photograph on social media featuring the pair locking lips.

The celebrities are currently vacationing together in the Caribbean and during their stay in tropical paradise, rumours began circulating suggesting they are now an item.

What Do You Mean singer Justin, 21, seemed to have confirmed all the hearsay by sharing a captionless picture on his Instagram account Sunday which sees him passionately kissing Hailey, 19. Moments later he published an image of them snuggling next to each other on a couch while donned in fancy dress at what appears to be some type of bar or eatery - Justin also opted not to caption this image.

The musician has denied he and Hailey were dating in the past, insisting to Billboard magazine in November the fashion star is just "one of my best friends in the entire world".

Justin's first serious relationship was with fellow singer Selena Gomez, as the couple initially got together in 2010, but they broke up two years later.

He is currently experiencing a career comeback following the release of his album Purpose in November. And during a recent talk with i-D magazine, he credited close friends Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and his current lover Hailey for supporting him during life’s many ups and downs.

“They are literally the sweetest girls,” he smiled. “They have the best hearts. They care about me in the same way that I care about them. When people say mean things about them, I get defensive and when it happens to me they get defensive."

Hailey has also sung Justin's praises in the past, telling Page Six he is a sweetheart.

“This past year (Justin) has made a lot of big changes in his life,” Hailey told the outlet in September. “He’s really a good person and I don’t think everybody knows that side of him. I think he’s trying to get everybody to know that’s who he really is.

“He’s one of the most caring and most polite people I know.”

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