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Justin Timberlake works until he burns out

Justin Timberlake found writing the Trolls soundtrack challenging because he doesn’t typically write “PG-rated” material.

Justin Timberlake tends to work himself to the point where he burns out creatively.

The singer-songwriter and actor is juggling a very busy schedule at the moment as he promotes his new animated comedy Trolls, for which he not only voices a lead character but also serves as a music producer.

Justin is also composing the soundtrack for the upcoming film The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, which his wife Jessica Biel is producing.

But the multitalented star admits that the gruelling work schedule can take its toll.

“(I’m) happiest when creative; either writing a song or composing a score or working with other actors,” he told Britain’s Glamour magazine. “Oh, and then I’ll burn out hard and have to take two months off.”

While the SexyBack singer has lots of experience in creating music, he reveals that working on the Trolls soundtrack proved to be a challenge because he doesn’t usually write “PG-rated” material. However, since welcoming his son Silas Randall, 18 months, last year (15), Justin admits that his perspective has been shifted for the better.

“When you have a son, something happens that you really can’t explain. It’s almost like you learn the world again through the eyes of a child. Not only does it make you a fuller and more creative human being, but as a father and a husband who wants to provide, it puts a fire in your ass,” he grinned.

Becoming a parent has also made the 35-year-old appreciate not only his wife more, but all the women in his life. And Justin now takes a specifically feminist take on the world.

“Just last night I said to my wife: ‘You guys make the world turn,’” he smiled. “And by the way, if there was a way to reproduce without men being involved we would so quickly be extinct.”

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