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Kanye gushes about love for Kimmel

Kanye West has well and truly buried the hatchet with Jimmy Kimmel by giving a radio interview about how much he loves the talk show host.

The pair had fallen out when Jimmy spoofed rapper Kanye's controversial BBC Radio 1 interview on his TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

A livid Kanye vented his anger in a Twitter feud with Jimmy, but the pair made up on his talk show and according to the Daily Mirror the rapper has explained to 97.1 Amp Radio that they have a lot in common.

Kanye said: "We can be frustrated sometimes, we are frustrated creatives. I called him first as a friend. I said, 'I know you, man. I don't think we should be spoofing this.'

"Because after I did the BBC interview I was shaking, still a little bit nervous, like, 'What have I done? What have I opened up? Where is this going to go?' But I had a gut feeling it was going to end positively.

"And the fact that he spoofed it, he allowed me to let out everything I wanted to say to this dumb magazine over here or everything I wanted to say to this media outlet that's trying to undermine what it is that I'm doing, how hard it is for me to do it, and where I want to take things."

Kanye, who recently got engaged to Kim Kardashian, added: "It's like the gloves are off because we're on equal planes, so it allowed me to go so crazy on him."


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