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Kanye West fans bid up to $60k on bags of air taken from his Yeezus gigs

By Jess Denham

Kanye West is well-known for having a massive ego, but surely even he would draw the line at bags of his “air” being sold for thousands on eBay.

Sound crazy? You’re not wrong. Plastic bags full of air allegedly captured during his Yeezus concerts have been attracting sky-high bids on the auction website and what’s even weirder is that fans are buying them.

This all started on Friday when The Telegraph reported that one seller from Pennyslvania had drawn an impressive 90 bidders for a zip-sealed bag of said air with a starting price of $5 (£3). It was pulled from the site after exceeding the $60,000 (£39,000) mark but, since then, there have been at least 15 copycats, despite most of them lacking evidence that they were even at the gigs.

West’s reality TV star wife Kim Kardashian tweeted about the gag on Friday, joking: “Wow, he can sell anything! Lol.”

West himself has not commented on the ridiculous value of his “concert air”, some of which apparently comes from the front row and includes “some sweat”.

Similar items currently up for grabs - don’t all rush at once – include “Kanye West Concert Air-Infused Bay Leaves” and some air from country singer Garth Brooks’ show.

Fans wanting to buy Kanye merchandise and actually receive something worth having can check out his new Yeezy 750 Boost trainers. His first footwear collaboration with Adidas has drawn criticism for its high prices, which range between $1,700 and $5,000 on eBay.

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