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Kardashians go in search of roots

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian travelled to Armenia in search of her roots - but discovered that stardom's privileges have limits.

Kardashian, along with husband, rapper Kanye West, their daughter North and her sister Khloe were in Gyumri, a city 55 miles north west of the capital Yerevan, where records show some Kardashian ancestors lived.

When the entourage went into the Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God, bodyguards tried to close its doors to keep journalists and onlookers away.

But the local bishop, Mikayel Adjapagian, sharply objected to obstructing worshippers from the church.

The bodyguards relented and the doors stayed open.

Afterwards, the Kardashians and cameramen shooting footage for their reality show went to a house where ancestors once lived. The house is currently unoccupied.


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