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Kate: Twilight almost ruined hols!

Kate Beckinsale has revealed her daughter's obsession with Twilight almost spoiled Christmas.

The Underworld star told Us magazine that her 13-year-old daughter Lily - whose dad is Welsh actor Michael Sheen - was so engrossed in Stephenie Meyer's vampire novels that no other presents would do.

"She read Twilight and was completely obsessed with them. It actually almost ruined Christmas one year because all she wanted to do was be a vampire and she didn't want anything on her Christmas list," Kate said.

The British actress, who is married to filmmaker Len Wiseman, helped promote National Reading Month in the US in March, and confessed she herself has "been very obsessed with reading since I was tiny".

Kate was keen to pass on that passion for books to her daughter, and read to her "every night for 11 something years" until it became "a little less appropriate" as Lily grew up.

She added: "I did read the entire Harry Potter, which, you know, they got pretty long in the end."


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