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Kate Winslet's gruelling TV role

Kate Winslet has admitted her new TV role is the hardest work she's done since Titanic.

The Oscar-winning actress has joined the ranks of film icons flocking to the small screen by taking the lead role in new television drama Mildred Pierce.

Kate, 35, who appears in virtually every scene of the series, said the part was physically gruelling.

"It was like doing two-and-a-half films in 16 weeks. I think this was so much harder than any film project I've done since Titanic," she said.

Series' director Todd Haynes said there was only ever one actress he could envision in the role, adding: "I had never met Kate, but I could not get her out of my mind while I was reading [the book].

"She was the only actress I could see playing the part".

Guy Pearce and Evan Rachel Wood also star in the five-part mini-series, which was aired on HBO in the US and will now be shown on Sky Atlantic HD.

Evan said she was terrified by the nude scene, but helped through it by Kate.

"She coached me through my first nude scene. I mean, she's done it all and was literally next to the camera going [thumbs up]," she said.


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